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Bill and Regina Santamaria have resided in Sarasota, Florida since 2009. That same year they began a real estate company, Santamaria Realty, which they sold in 2017 to purse a Home Watch company. They are both entrepreneurs, with Regina, a businesswoman, and Bill, a licensed real estate broker and agent. They have owned and operated their own businesses for over 20 years, with real estate being their primary focus. 

While in the real estate business, clients were constantly asking Bill and Regina for recommendations for Home Watch companies to look after their homes while they were away. Southern Florida is a highly transient area, with most people visiting during "in-season" (January - May) and then leaving. This means their homes stand empty the majority of the year. Without Peace of Mind Home Watch doing regular visits, any number of problems could occur and go unchecked for months, leading to serious home damage.

So Bill and Regina answered the call to this need and started their own, accredited, Home Watch company in 2018; Peace of Mind. They wanted to give their clients, and future clients, the peace of mind of knowing their homes were being looked after while they were away. They went one step further by becoming accredited. Many other home watch companies do not do this. This means Bill and Regina adhere to a strict code of conduct, practices and inspections checklist while in your home.  

Bill and Regina bring their real estate expertise to the table, along with their warm personalities and giving spirits. They only wish to do good for others and guarantee you and your home will be treated with respect, professionalism and kindness. 

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Peace of Mind is an accredited member of:

  • National Home Watch Association
  • YouTube